Happy and Sad Events

Happy and Sad Events

August 29th, 2011 // 6:10 pm @

Let me request you do a quick exercise..


Write down recent events and situations which made you unhappy or dissatisfied or let you down…


Now do the same exercise and write down events which brought you happiness and delight in last one week, yesterday or today..


Which exercise was more taxing on your mind, where did you have to think for long to answer ?

Our human nature is unique.. we tend to easily recall all our misfortunes and sad events.. events where we are disappointed with outcomes.. unhappy with behaviour of a loved one or colleague and so on

On the other hand we take it for granted all the  good things which happen around us .. we forget them soon after they happen and some times we fail to notice these all together.. we believe we deserve these good happenings as we earned it or worked for it or any other rational thought.

Are we ever grateful for sunshine, fresh air or the water we get to drink and quench our thirst.. or mobile which allows us to connect with friends or WWW internet which allows us to share and connect just like we are doing so now ?

The best way to be happy,  is to start noticing all the good things we are blessed with and being grateful for same.. be thankful that you have access to this blog for example if it is giving you opportunity to reflect and see life differently.

In order to overcome this poor habit of forgetting good things, I maintain a Gratitude diary. I write all the happy things which happen .. small or big, it does not matter.. it could be meeting an old friend or a good meal or love from a pet or getting wet in the rain.. walking on fresh snow..  just about any thing which was bringing pleasure. This way when I am down or low which would happen as part of life, I can remind myself of all the good things life has been providing me and tolerate a set back here and there..

Try it , I promise it works!


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