Life and Happiness

Life and Happiness

August 12th, 2011 // 6:40 am @

We were born free of fear, anxiety and capacity to be happy even after a set back. We could forget past instantly, we could forget pain in five mins as soon as next happy thing happened. So God had given us the right attitude and capability of loving every one, hating no one and enjoying the present, so why can we not do it now ?

Our guilt feelings and anger comes from events which have happened already.. a glass or vase is broken.. the child school grades are low.. driver has damaged the car while parking badly.. almost every time anger and frustration follows an event which has happened. What has happened is PAST and in theory we can do nothing about the PAST. It is over and done. Think about it we get our anger on an event which is PAST and we have no control on PAST. Similarly our guilt comes from past events too… we wish we had done some thing differently .. we wish we had not done some thing.. etc. Again dealing on PAST. If only we can forget the past just like we were able to do as children we will give our self an opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the present.. more in next blog ..


Past is History.. Future is┬ámystery .. This moment is a gift and that is why it is called “Present”

Would you like to share an example of your anger or guilt situation relating to an event ?

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