Giving and Acts of Kindness

Giving and Acts of Kindness

September 26th, 2011 // 2:33 pm @

Biggest source of happiness is “Giving”  and it is also the easiest to practice. Opportunity of Giving is always around.. the act can be simple such as helping a lady with her bags in the aircraft.. or offering a road side meal to  an orphan. Acts of giving need not be elaborate. Often people ask me or tell me .. what can I give, I have so little. Not true. All of us have so much to give. If nothing , then a smile can always be given and it is free .. no cost. We can give knowledge, share  our learning, our experiences, share or love and caring and so many other things in life. It is not about money. It is about our desire to share what we are fortunate to own. It about our attitude.

Somehow “Giving” makes you feel powerful and positive. Being kind to others , whether friend or strangers, triggers a cascade of positive effects..  it makes you feel capable, generous and provides you greater sense of connection with others. In return you may get smiles and approval.  a huge boost to happiness.

Always think of giving and you will get happiness in return. Right now I am happy and feeling great having written this blog which shares some thing I have learnt.. in way Giving !


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