Inside Us

Inside Us

September 12th, 2011 // 10:56 am @

We the humans are unique creation of the nature.  We are endowed like no other species of life form on earth. If we look at minerals which can be termed as having life, since there is change in their composition or form albeit after many centuries, it is lowest form of an structure which can in theory be called having some life as it does change form. Next level of living being is plantations. Sure plants have  a life, they get born, grow and after fixed period die. This form of life has a “Body” but no independent thinking capability, may be no emotions too. Next form of life is what see in animal world.. the birds, the dogs, the cats, the fish and so on. This form of living being has a brain of its own. They can display emotion but independent thought and intelligence is limited or may be missing.

Inside us is unique structure and capability. But we are either unaware or ignorant. We are most unique as we have a “Body” like other forms of life described above,  a “Brain” which is capable of thinking and feeling Emotions , at a much superior development level than the animals and finally “Intellect” which gives us capability to be creative and independent in our thoughts, actions and behaviours. And finally there is some thing more which ignites our Intellect, Brain and Body. Something which is called Soul. Without this soul we are dead literally. It is like electricity which powers every thing in us, not visible but we can not live without it.

Soul controls everything so it is our highest level Boss. Next comes our Intellect which can control our Brain and Emotions. Next comes the Brain and Emotions which drive our external behaviours. If you agree with this sequence then you must realize the enormous potential which lies within you to control your behaviour and emotions. Yet we chose to believe that we are helpless and so dependent on our emotions , desires that we allow these to determine our reactions and actions. Take charge of your life, we are all gifted to solve our issues and be Happy… Realize your potential, True Capability. Control and change your reaction to a well considered response using your intellect and independent will power.


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