Comparisions … Root of unhappiness

Comparisions … Root of unhappiness

December 10th, 2011 // 8:43 am @

All of us can divide our situation / state / possessions / desires in three circles or boxes of life.

1. This circle contains what we have and possess
2. The second circle contains what others possess
3. Third circle is what we wish to have

Most of us , if asked to draw these imaginary circles will find # 1 as quite small in size and # 2 as huge and # 3 which often is derived from gap between # 1 and #2 pretty big too.

The root source of our unhappiness , is the gap between what we desire # 3 above and what we already possess # 1 above. Actually you can measure your happiness index by dividing #1 by # 3. If this ratio is below 1 for you , you are unhappy in life and if over 1 then you are happy. Happiness resides in our minds not in exact quantum of what we possess or do not possess.. Be it wealth, family, love, children.

Now how do we make the circle # 1 bigger and circle # 3 smaller ? And what can we do to manage circle # 2 which causes us heart burn,jealousy, green eyes etc. Even if we admit it our not ?

Share your thoughts.

I will share my recommendations in forthcoming Blogs.

Meantime do think about the three circles of your life and analyse how big each one is, can you write down Specific items in each circle for your analysis, trust me it will be a great start for your journey to happiness in life.

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