Anger Management

Anger Management

March 16th, 2012 // 10:25 am @

Anger causes severe unhappiness, review how you felt after you lost your cool and lost your head. What follows anger is frustration or guilt or both. If you slapped your kid for some thing, you feel guilty when he cried and then you made up by bringing a gift for him to make up, but in the interim what were your feelings ! Were you happy?

Recently I met some one who had been cheated by his own sibling out of family wealth. This person broke off with the family and continues to be hurt and angry at this unfortunate development. Reasons for anger are always out of your control, it is usually an event or behaviour out side your control, yet we do get angry and lose our cool. Once we loose cool ,we lose our ability to think logically or think straight. Anger overwhelms us, we can not think any more as now our actions are controlled by our emotions and not by our our intellect. Extreme  cases of anger can lead to totally irrational behaviour including violence, murder, war and so on. Such behaviour lead to Unhappiness later.

Anger is an emotion which is rooted in our mind ( or heart ). Mind or heart can be controlled by our intellect. So only way to control anger is to exercise our intellect and bring this most ugly emotion under control. We need to recognize the Anger as it happens but not let it control our behaviour, by bringing into play our superior intellect. We must apply rational judgement and remind our selves that event causing our anger was

1. Not under our control or just an accident

2. It an event which has already happened so it is an event which is past

3. Anger will prevent me from thinking about solutions and way forward. Let me focus energies on what I can do to improve the situation, learn from what has happened for future etc.

I know it is not easy to practice, but recognize your unique endowment from nature, your intellect, a gift which no other species has been given in the universe.



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