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I consider myself very fortunate for having received an opportunity of being coached by Mr.Narendra Ambwani. This was my first ever coaching experience and right from the day one, I realized the difference between executive coaching and a normal leadership development programme. The 7-8 months journey of coaching was very enjoyable and flow of coaching process was extremely in informal manner. Naren is very friendly and down to earth.

There were 9-10 coaching sessions, each one of them running up to 60 to 90 minutes. The session used to be very interactive with real life professional and private examples. Tools such as belief inventory and PPA profiles uncovered various hidden aspects of my characteristics / traits and influence of the same on my career. Naren’s unique method of coaching with focus on areas of development is helping me to handle tough situations with more confidence.

During entire coaching process, Naren emphasised on assertiveness. To help me practice assertiveness during daily life, he recommended a few books which I found very much interesting. The concept of emotional intelligence, further discussion with Naren about my present score and developments on the same, will provide me valuable guidance throughout my rest of life.

I am trying to practice the learnings from the coaching sessions to convert them in to my habits. Overall, it was indeed a great experience for which I am thankful to Naren and also my management who provided me with this unique opportunity.

– Milind Dhonde, Deputy General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Lubritech Division, Fuchs Lubricants India Pvt Ltd

Aditya Birla Group believes in providing Transition Support to executives who have moved to a higher responsibility to support them to be successful. In 2016, I moved to a new level of responsibility, and was offered Mr Ambwani as my Coach to help me with this transition journey. This was my first experience with a coach and I entered in to this relationship with an open mind.

Mr. Ambwani has been a fantastic coach and he helped to enhance my self-awareness with a 360 Feedback and other tools. This helped me uncover my blind spots and raise my awareness of what is expected. He guided me with practical tips on how I can make the shift. As a reflect back his easy going suggestions, help me practice new skills and competencies in a safe environment. Mr. Ambwani also helped to leverage of the power of influencing stakeholders without authority be my team, leadership and customers.

Thank you Mr. Ambwani. I wish you all the best and hope you are able to support many more leaders make a positive shift in their journey.

– Madhav Keswani, Group Head Rewards and Benefits – Aditya Birla Group

I took a short term coaching assignment with Mr Ambwani to grow as a leader. He provided me very interesting insights into myself and quoted freely from his life. It felt that he genuinely cared for you. It was a wonderful stint and it helped me become a better professional and person.

– Amit Agarwal, Senior category Director – Unilever

Happy to talk about my coach Narendra Ambwani and share my overall coaching experience with him. This was my first exposure on professional coaching so did had some reservations at the beginning on how this process is going to work out and help me shape up my future aspirations. Thanks to Narendra – His simplicity and down to earth stature really helped me open out and talk to him about myself –both at personal and professional level.

In all I would have done around 8 to 9 coaching sessions. All these sessions used to be very extensive sometimes running into few hours having more in depth conversation. Narendra used to be very patient listening to me and provide a lot of personal and external insights, with a lot of stories and examples. Each session used to end with some key takeaways for me to work and practice and then feedback in the subsequent sessions on how it has worked. He also took out time to speak to my key stakeholders to get constructive feedback and working with me on my development actions.

Some of the positive gains for me through this coaching assignment has been around a shift in my leadership style. I have been able to manage time better, and manage work life balance, Enjoy my work as well as spending time on my interest areas outside of work. Spending a lot of time with my team members – Listening, encouraging and motivating them was the other key takeaway which I started doing more often post this assignment.

I am thankful for all the support and guidance Narendra provided me during this coaching process. You have made me stronger and better. I wish you good luck and the best of health.

– Giridhar Kotian, Regional Supply and Demand Head, South Asia – GSK Pharmaceuticals India Limited

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Narendra Ambwani for the contribution he made as a coach to enhance my work and personal life. It was indeed a privilege to be associated with Mr Ambwani and I do appreciate the time he spent reviewing my career goals. His advice were valuable and has given me a new perspective.

I am very pleased with his coaching and found him to be easy and experiential in his approach. He has substantial ability to identify the problem areas and suggest excellent solutions. The engagement has helped me in strategic orientation; better time and calendar management and correct allocation of time between routine and non routine matter; focus on industry networking and areas related to people development.

On the professional front, there is less hassled, better relationship with cross functional members. I could notice better work life balance on the personal front.

It was overall a great experience and I shall continue to practice the success strategies I have acquired over the coaching period.

– Mukundan Menon, President – Sales & Marketing, Products Business – Blue Star Limited

I started on with my Executive coaching on a very sceptical note. I wasn’t really sure that this kind of coaching will actually help me progress in my career. However, the reality was completely different. I can identify five significant benefits.

1. Continuous one-on-one attention – This helped since this was purely a meeting between the coachee and the coach. Mr Ambwani made me feel absolutely comfortable in discussing each and every aspect of my life and career without being judgemental.

2. Expanded thinking through dialogue with a curious outsider

3. Self-awareness, including blind spots – during discussions on experiences I became aware of my blind spots and how I could overcome them.

4. Personal accountability for development – This was actually an onus on me, but being aware of the downsides, I took it on me to overcome them.

5. Just-in-time learning. – We discussed day to day issues which were affecting me in work and so it was kind of online training.

I found great deal of learning through this leadership coaching which will go a long way in shaping my future career. I would highly recommend Mr Ambwani to anyone wishing to avail of this coaching.

– Shailesh Joshi, Chief Technology Officer – Godrej Industries Limited.

I have always felt that coaching can be a powerful way of improving oneself, especially in overcoming some of the blind spots which become habitual over time.
However I finally believed in it completely when I got an firsthand opportunity of executive coaching.

I was fortunate to have an excellent coach in Mr. Narendra Ambwani. He made it extremely comfortable for me to share everything openly and the pace of the process was extremely relaxed and friendly.
It felt great to have someone genuinely care about my improvement and actually show a direction for change. At the same time, there was a discipline to the process with clear tracking, target setting and timelines for making the change happen.

A combination of assessment tools, exercises and conversations opened up the possibilities of dealing with my blind spots, especially how I could listen (being different from hearing) better and as a result work with different people more effectively. Eventually the realizations and benefits from the coaching process extended far beyond this area and I felt much more confident and comfortable with myself at the end of the process.

My coach also spoke to people around me who matter and it was amazing that they gave candid feedback, which in turn helped in shaping what I achieved in my coaching. I was able to plan work in advance, have important conversations with my team, before it reached a state of emergency.

I am delighted to have got an opportunity to work with Mr. Narendra Ambwani as my coach.
This was but one step in a journey and I would welcome a chance to go through the process again, to tackle new challenges which may come across.

– Anirudh Singh, Vice President- New Business Development and Incubation, Godrej Consumer Products Limited

It was my first experience of executive coaching. I found it to be an excellent journey. The pace of the process was extremely relaxed and friendly. Ambitions were set a pragmatic level. This was also backed by an unfelt persuasion to keep me on track in terms of target and time lines. Looking back the nudge by my coach was quite strong without actually feeling it.

My coaching started with a simple promise of confidentiality. And yes it was maintained in letter and spirit. A simple assessment tool to show up my beliefs followed. Conversations on these and their impact opened up possibilities and blind spots. Converting these to action points with firm deadlines went a long way in ensuring progress. The coach also spoke to people who matter to me. It was amazing that they too were candid in providing feedback. The exercise was useful in shaping what I achieved in my coaching.

I was able to change some of my beliefs, which helped me deal with social and personal interactions better. The coaching helped me understand blind spots in my professional management role. I am now able to deal with difficult conversations with my subordinates, which used to be acrimonious at times, in the past.

Overall I am delighted to have got an opportunity to work with Narendra Ambwani as my coach.
– Dr. Sundar Mhadevan, EVP (R&D), Godrej Consumer Products Limited

To be coached by Mr Ambwani is a refreshingly different experience, very different than any other training/workshop/symposium that I have gone thru in my entire professional career spanning more than two decades. What strikes you is his methodology of coaching. It is you who is rediscovering yourself!

After 8 months & 10 sittings with Mr Ambwani I find myself to be more equipped to control situations rather than situation taking better of me. Mr Ambwani’s simple& genuine approach makes the experience of being coached by him truly worth the time. I have personally benefited a lot from this experience & recommend him to all the professionals who are grooming themselves to take up higher challenges in their career and are on a journey to discover & harness their true potential.
– Yogendra Bellani, Vice President – Contract Logistics, Agility Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

I had the privilege of being coached by Mr Narendra Ambwani. At the time of starting the coaching journey, I was keenly looking out to hone my skills and also remove barriers to success. My need was to understand which of the barriers were detrimental to my future success and how to go about addressing them. I also wanted to be able to freely discuss thoughts and ideas with someone who had the benefit of rich experience and success in corporate world. Mr. Ambwani, who had served as the Managing Director of Johnson, was eminently well suited as a coach for me. Further, Mr Ambwani has an absolutely amazing ability to connect disparate pieces of information and discern patterns from them that enable him to guide the coachee to reflect on the aspects that he is focusing on. This ability of his really helped me. He brings his vast experience of having led a MNC operation in India and abroad to good use in his discussions.
Right at the onset, Mr Narendra Ambwani had shared that the approach of the coach is to hold a mirror to the coachee to understand current status and post that guide him on his journey in identifying critical issues that are barriers to success and finding solutions to these issues. Through the conversations that we had and the evaluation tests that I filled up, Mr Ambwani helped me prioritize issues and focus on the ones that I thought were most critical for me to work on. Post that, he shared multiple insights with me basis the results of the aptitude and other tests that he administered.
Mr. Ambwani has a very non–intrusive, seemingly easy going style of coaching. He does not impose his thoughts forcefully and allows the coachee to reflect on the discussions and issues that are discussed. He listens with absolute focus and very intently, making it easy for the coachee to speak his mind. He is very non-judgmental in his approach. He comes to each meeting very well prepared and picks up the thread from the previous discussions seamlessly. He often surprised me with the additional information that he had gleaned in the interim period between the meetings by reading through the notes.
I also feel the readiness for coaching is an imperative for the whole exercise to be productive and that it should be undertaken only when the coachee is ready for it.
I am sincerely thankful to him for huge contribution he has made in helping me in my professional journey.
– Vivek Bhatnagar, General Manager – Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, India

I had the privilege of being associated with Mr. Narendra Ambwani as my coach. Initially I was surprised by his simplicity as I never expected a person of his stature to be so down to earth and a deep desire to help someone thru the process of Coaching. I could sense the sincerity in his voice of wanting to guide or help me using the coaching techniques / model. To begin with he made me understand the meaning and purpose of Coaching and understood my need what I want out of Coaching. He made me aware of the code of conduct and confidentiality agreement which he as ac Coach will abide by.

Then we started the on the Coaching journey. Narendra first made me very comfortable by talking to me about himself, his beliefs and sharing some of his experiences. He encouraged me to talk more about myself and about my family and time I spend with my family. Narendra also helped me to understand self-better with the help of psychometric tools

He helped me to looking at the various goals which I want to achieve and the reason why I want to achieve. To begin with I myself was not very clear amongst so many goals which is the one I need to focus upon. Though discussion over a period of time he helped me to crystalize my goals and ensure it was holistic covering Professional and Personal aspects l including spending time with family as one of the goals.

The goals helped me to focus on them and review them. To ensure that I do not loose focus on the goals Narendra was following up on informal basis besides doing a structured review. This helped me in achieve some of my short terms goals , at present I am working on the long term goals

Lastly my views on Coaching are , Coaching can help you only if you feel that you have a strong desire to take professional help in achieving your goals. There is a Coach in my case Narendra who was very genuinely interested in facilitating me in crystalizing & achieving the goals. Thru the Coaching journey I found a friend & guide with whom I can share my happiness and concerns. Overall a great experience.
– Sridhar, Vice President, Human Resources, Saint Gobain

My experience with Mr Narendra Ambwani as a regular coach helped me to introspect my abilities and strengths, objectives in life – professional or otherwise, short-term and long-term goals and overall pain areas in my personal and professional life. Time management and stress were bothering me throughout considering my role in the organization. In Mr Narendra Ambwani I could find a ray of hope to understand me better and show direction to relieve my pain. He analyzed my problems through certain exercises, questionnaires and discussion and pinpointed two areas which could help me to perform better and enjoy life.

I took the assignment seriously and step-by-step with the help of Ambwani rebooked my past and future. All steps were monitored jointly by both of us which resulted in clear path for subordinate development. I could delegate critical and crucial tasks to my subordinates and just oversaw that they are well within the parameters and ultimate control with me. I had to change my mindset for this change. My confidence in delegation increased and I could build a strong team with all the capabilities in them thus reducing my stress and enabling me to take more responsibilities from senior management and also enjoying my new role. I am practicing this for the last 6 to 8 months and experiencing a sea-change in my personal as well as professional life. I am also applying the same theories in my personal life. I am seeing that my life is becoming simpler, meaningful and enjoyable.

I am grateful to Mr Narendra Ambwani for all his efforts and guidance that he has given me in this journey of coaching and I recommend that coaching will help irrespective of one’s age and position. It is immensely helpful in managing professional as well as personal life.

– D.C Mandlik, Vice President (P&A) Larsen & Toubro Limited

“Naren was my BEST boss in my 30+ years professional career. He has a knack of empowering people and bringing out the best in them. A great leader, he is highly people oriented and backs his people to the hilt. His cool and calm nature inspires confidence even when all hell was breaking loose around us: this man was never flustered and gave all of us the confidence that we would sail through. Totally approcheable and ever smiling, his people orientation was legendary. I was indeed fortunate to work with him as he always believd in developing all around him to reach greater heights. Finally his work life balance was exemplary and worth emulating by all. I remember a time when I spoke about him on his Silver Jubilee Service Aard function, and one of his Chinese bosses was so jealous about my description of naren that he said :” Vikas you are describing God ” To many in J&J , that was true . Wish Naren all the very best;”

– Vikas S. – VP HR & Admin, Johnson & Johnson India

“Mr. Ambwani is an outstanding leader having proven his leadership in India and Indonesia at the highest level. He has a unique approach to develop talent which brings out the best in people. His people and process focused approach built the foundation for the success of organization
– Sanjay S. – Manager – Supply Chain, Johnson & Johnson Ltd., India.

What stood out for me in my interactions with Naren was that he was a most approachable MD. Always willing to listen and understand, he came with no preconceived notions despite his vast experience. Giving his teams the freedom to think and act, while supporting them all the way created a very productive atmosphere in J&J. I also admire his child like curiousity about new things and his willingness to learn. I truly enjoyed working with him and wish him all the best in his ventures

– Manisha K – Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson India Ltd.