What is Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a personalized intervention   to help very senior executives in improving their specific skills and overcome the  road blocks, biases and blind spots,  in their own mind  . It is different compared to consulting as it is non- prescriptive. A trained professional coach helps the executive discover his own strengths and blind spots. The coach helps the executive analyse various options to overcome an issue and select the most appropriate route as per the nature and style of the Coachee. Typically coaching involves 6 to 8 sessions of two to three hours between the Coach and the Coachee. A 360 degree feedback from key stakeholders is often undertaken as it is an important input for the Coach to understand how the Coachee is seen by his stakeholders. Complete confidentiality is maintained and no information is shared with any one without permission of the Coachee.

Although any one can undertake and benefit from formal Coaching, usually organizations provide Coaching to board  level executives or high potential managers, as it results in maximum impact on the organization and business results

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