Who is Narendra

Narendra is a professionally trained executive coach and business advisor. He brings with him experience of over 34 years of work with renowned multinational Johnson & Johnson.

He joined the company as Product manager in 1975 and was promoted to Managing Director in Indonesia in 1990 and later appointed as MD in India in 1995. He completed his corporate career in April 2009. Under his leadership the company achieved superlative business as well as  people results both in Indonesia as well as India. J&J India was rated as one of the best companies to work for in India in 2007. Narendra was recognized as an  outstanding leader by J&J world-wide management . Currently, Narendra serves on boards of leading corporations in India and acts as business advisor for many organizations.

Narendra takes pride in the fact that he was not a born leader. He learnt the skills of leadership through professional training programs, personal experiences and feedback from his bosses, subordinates, colleagues, friends and family. There are multiple sources of learning and we can all improve ,  if we have an open mind. Narendra is a good example to continuous learning and improvement. Since he started his career from zero level he can readily   understand and empathize with real life situations and issues faced by  senior executives.